Sign the Petition: Tell Congress not to undermine EPA’s coal ash rule!The Next Coal Ash Disaster

EPA finally released its coal ash rule, which sets minimum federal requirements for the disposal and storage of toxic coal ash, nearly six years after the Kingston Disaster and 10 months after the tragic Dan River spill.

Now, some Senators are moving a bill that would undermine the rule. This bill — S. 2446 — threatens our health, our safety, and our environment while removing or delaying critical requirements for owners of coal-fired power plants to safely handle, store, and dispose of toxic coal ash. Senators may also try to pass the same content in the form of an amendment to a larger bill. Don’t let the Senate protect the polluters instead of public health! Sign the petition!

Call on North Carolina’s DEQ to Require Proper Coal Ash Cleanup!

North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Qualitycoal ash 2 (DEQ) recently published draft ratings for Duke Energy’s 32 toxic coal ash pits across our state. DEQ’s ratings of either “high,” “intermediate,” or “low” risk determine the requirements and timeline for Duke to clean up its coal ash. A low risk rating would allow Duke to cap its toxic coal ash and leave the ash where it is without a bottom liner, threatening our ground and surface water… presumably forever.

Leaving coal ash in place is NOT a cleanup plan! Duke has committed to clean up some of its coal ash across the state, but all communities deserve clean water! The good news is that DEQ’s draft ratings are open for public comment right now.

Will you sign the petition calling on DEQ to ensure coal ash is moved to lined, dry storage, away from our rivers and waterways and our most vulnerable communities?