Sign the Petition: Tell Congress not to undermine EPA’s coal ash rule!


EPA finally released its coal ash rule, which sets minimum federal requirements for the disposal and storage of toxic coal ash, nearly six years after the Kingston Disaster and 10 months after the tragic Dan River spill.

Now, some Senators are moving a bill that would undermine the rule. This bill — S. 2446 — threatens our health, our safety, and our environment while removing or delaying critical requirements for owners of coal-fired power plants to safely handle, store, and dispose of toxic coal ash. Senators may also try to pass the same content in the form of an amendment to a larger bill.

Don’t let the Senate protect the polluters instead of public health! Sign the petition!

Contacting your federal or state elected officials directly is a great way to let them know your concerns about coal ash. Check out this factsheet with tips on communicating with your elected officials.

If you’ve done all of the above and are wanting more information, or more ways to get involved, you can always check out the initiatives that our partner organizations are doing.
You can find two examples below.

  • Earthjustice has launched a website dedicated to cataloguing the stories of real people harmed by ash. Check out their site and see if you or someone in your community could be featured here!
  • The Environmental Integrity Project is collecting extensive data on coal ash contamination nationwide. Connect with them to see how you can help!